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About the Project: 
Moving Picture Sets

As my response I suppose, to a long period of photographing in a studio with a 4 x 5 camera, (see Still Life Constructions), in the early '90s, I began to shoot landscapes with a 35mm-when I had time-which was usually while traveling. I found that I liked the blurring of scenes caused by the movement of the car, bus or train, so I began shooting out of windows. This was such a contrast to the incredible depth of field and careful placement with which I worked when using a view camera. The technique seemed to automatically assign a wistfulness and sense of remembering to the image.

Studying my contact prints, I began to order the “moving” pictures I'd taken into groups organized by a common factor. Each photograph in the set would contain, for example, a satellite dish, an American flag, or a playing field; then I would arrange the set into horizontal strips. I sought to re-create the sense of a journey, the experience of glimpsing, when each isolated frame seems to be a scene recalled, and when these are viewed together, produce a feeling of movement, a road trip in stills, commenting on our shared surroundings, experiences, and desires.

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