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About the Project: 
On the Eastern Shore

In 2004, my husband, Doug, and I bought a handyman's special on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. The house is on Hooper’s Island in a town called Fishing Creek; what sold us was the view-seeing water from every window, plus a lady in bronze on the newel post holding a light. It's very beautiful there, ospreys and herons and great sunsets and about nine crab sheds. Over the years, still working on our bungalow, we have seen many changes on the island, more summer people putting up prefabs and the county removing many of the romantic "tear-downs" that made me wonder who lived there and left. Also seems like there's more flooding and less island every year.


In these images I have focused not so much on the sunsets and beautiful birds but the evidence of the presence of people interacting with a place: in the derelict houses, the signs along the road, and lone figures in the landscape.

I am keenly aware of the natural world, the weather, water, and sky when I am there. I have tried to capture the atmosphere in these images and express my fondness for the beauty and unique yet rapidly changing character of the Eastern Shore.

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