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About the Project: 
Still Life Constructions

These are a group of color photographs taken of still life constructions, most of them created between 1990 and 2002. For each image, I painted and constructed spaces, combined them with real objects, lit the assemblage, and took a 4 x 5 photograph.

I like working in this way, using light and the illusionism inherent in a photograph, while the laborious process provides fertile terrain for the production of a complex image, one that I hope will resonate in the viewer's mind. Several themes have surfaced and merged over the years: domestic labor with its Sisyphean repetitiveness; attempts at re-creating the space and sense of reverence perceived in Early Renaissance panel paintings but without the traditional subject matter; and the cyclical nature of life and growth. At the same time that these images address certain themes, the process of making them-using objects and juxtapositions-became a way for me to explore ideas just on the verge of articulation.

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