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About the Project: 
Twenty-Two Views from my Window One Winter

I developed these photographs in 1995, when I was on a Guggenheim Fellowship, from negatives made in the winter of 1991-92. In total, I took 87 4 x 5 color negatives, shooting from the same position that I would be in as I lay in bed and looked out the window at the sky. What the viewer sees are the shots framed by the top pane of the window; a curtain obscured the view from the bottom pane.

Amazed by the endless variations, I tried to capture the different colors of the sky created as the light from the moon, sun, and the nearby avenue's electric signs changed in the winter atmosphere. The photographs are then grouped as a set so that viewers can observe and appreciate the contrasts, although, when the images are displayed, their arrangement and order may vary according to the specific site.

In 1996, 14 photographs from the series were displayed at the Knitting Factory in New York City in conjunction with Martin Goldray's performance of composer Vito Ricci's piano pieces written with the title and photographs in mind.

The photographs are "straight" color C prints on Ektacolor paper; Relying on my memories of the changing scenes, I attempted to print the colors exactly as they appeared to me when I originally saw them.

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