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About the Project: 
From the Flat Files—Vintage Photographs

These color photographs, from the '80s, represent three themes that concerned me during those years:

The urban landscape—particularly old buildings on the west side of Manhattan, with the use of a 4 x 5 camera, constructing an image that has a specific formal organization of space, light and color and conveys a sense of felt life.

The natural landscape—directing my focus to scenes of intrinsic beauty, trying to go beyond the cliché as well as to effect the imagery I saw in my mind's eye when reading Thomas Hardy or the Brontes. It was at this time that I began shooting with a 35mm camera from moving vehicles (see Moving Picture Sets).

Joanna—as a new mother, having little time to be alone to take photographs, I turned to the subject at hand, my daughter, and became interested in the way a photograph can say something about relationships and family life.

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